"The SoberPath community helps you better understand what you need to get past addiction, and literally puts you on the path of addiction independence."

SoberPath for Individuals

Whether you are here to break free of addiction's grip, keep that grip at bay, join one of SoberPath's online groups, or you just want to help someone you care about, SoberPath's free individual account is a great step forward on the path to addiction independence.

  • Join for FREE
  • Create an anonymous member profile
  • Find and communicate with like-minded members
  • Learn about the options that best help you
  • Speak confidentially with addiction professionals
  • Access individual and group therapy sessions online
  • Invite family, friends, sponsors, and anyone else that can help into your private network
  • Create personal support groups from your family, friends, sponsors, and co-workers
  • Access your favorite support groups online, real-time, 24/7
  • Get referral recommendations from your trusted sources
  • Track your progress and share your journey
  • Gain help for yourself and provide help to others
SoberPath for Individuals
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Most things in the SoberPath community are free for individuals. Optional premium services like online face-to-face chats and telehealth therapy sessions may charge a fee. Check out our Premium Services for more information and to see if your insurance, HSA, or FSA covers them, or if you qualify for discounts or a grant.

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